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DJ Roffazoukmusic productions @ Rotterdam

They bring you the biggest and baddest kizombabeats. Time to zoom in on this duo from Rotterdam City.
Patrick (NL) & Franscisco Dos Anjos (CV) better known as ROFFAZOUKMUSIC are not only friends who share the same passion but are also colleagues behind the wheels.

On vacation in the Netherlands in 1999/2000 Dos Anjos and Patrick met, not knowing that more then 10 years later their friendship would still last and would have turned into sharing their mutual passion with others.
Dos Anjos has been in touch with music al his life coming from a very musical family. In fact is grandfather is one of the most well-known violin players of Sao Nicolau, Cape Verde.

Him and Patrick sharing the same passion make them decide to act out as a DJ duo for more then over two years now.
ROFFAZOUKMUSIC is well known for playing kizomba/semba, tarraxhina/afrohouse but also urban dancehall and latin house is part of their repertoire.

Kizomba, according to them, is a fast upcoming dance, which is conquering the world. It is nice to see how this sexy, sensual dance is developing.

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plaats Rotterdam
telefoon +31653386000
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