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Za  8 dec 2018: Audition for Teacher Course partnerdance 2019 in Rotterdam

Let op: dit event vond plaats in het verleden

Yess, 2019 will have a teacher course again! 

In this audition we will test some skills and explain the method structure and goals of this teacher course.
The test will be about analysis, coordination, queuing & presenting
The audition is 3 hours, we have limited spots available (20 people)
After the audition everyone will get a recommendation which means you are admitted to the course or if we feel too much basic skills are lacking an advise to register for specific classes before the start of the course.

So we are also auditioning for you, this session is meant to see if teaching is something for you and if our method resonates with you. It is not So You Think were you might get 3 crossed and public humiliation, see it more that we see if there is a match between you and us

Price of the audition is 40 euro, (this amount will be subtracted from the teacher course payment when admitted)

It will be the same format as 2017, which was such an enormous success, we will not change that setup anymore, meaning:
the schedule is 
7 days of intensive training throughout the year. 
4 periods of internships. 
mandatory HP during this year for technical development and upkeep. 

The training days 2019 will be on 
January 26& 27 
March 23&24
may 11&12
June 23&4
Sept 7&8
Nov 9&10
Dec 7th (Exam)

1st internship February & March (observation)
2nd internship April & May (assisting)
3rd internship June & July & August (co-teaching)
4th internship September & October & November (external)
(10th nov to 7 dec, is exam preparation, for each a personalised program)

We expect you to keep working on your dance development.
mandatory in the half pass are:
foundation class (footwork or fundamentals or hair-movements)
solos dance class (ballet, African or contemporary)
demo and or choreo training
It is highly recommended to also follow the embodying weekends part 1 and 2

schedule for embodying weekends
29-31 March part 1, fundamentals
8-10 June, part 2, spinning, hair-movements
12-14 October part 1, fundamentals
14-16 Dec Part 2, spinning, hair-movements

If you want references of people who previously have participated feel free to ask. We have an extremely high rate of graduation (11 out of 12) and what we are even more proud of is that all these people are actually teaching, all of them! some have branched of to bachata or samba de gafieira, but that shows that this is more a universal partner dance teacher course, which gives you a head-start in this profession.

the training days (including meals)
internships including guidance
800 euro

Half pass is 75 euro per month

Embodying weekend is 225 per part

All the lessons will be held at DA studio
Teachers are
Willem Engel
Bess Kuil
Laili Reinders
Chantalle Iskes
Jolien Heeringa


DA Dance Studio  
telefoon 0629587759  
locatie DA Dance Studio  
adres Chalonsstraat 6  
3043 TD Rotterdam  
The Netherlands  
entree 40 euro  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Braziliaans, Samba de Gafieira  
Event: Dansen, Cursus, proefles, bootcamp, workshop, open dag (zonder feest)  

Caribean and Latin food and drinks around

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