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Zo 12 mei 2019: 4h Bootcamp Salsa & Bachata with Bhavin and Soonruta - Arnhem in Arnhem

Let op: dit event vond plaats in het verleden

datum Zo 12 mei 2019
tijd 13:00 - 17.50
entree 12,50 / 40,-  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Bachata  
Event: Dansen, Cursus, proefles, bootcamp, workshop, open dag (zonder feest)  

Yes guys on Sunday 12th of May we will present to you again all the way from India; Bhavin and Soonruta!!

** INFO **
Bhavin and Soonruta are one of the best Latin dancing duos from India. They have been teaching and performing together since 2010 and have travelled extensively to Europe, Middle East and Asia to train, teach and perform.
They specialise in Bachata Dominicana, Bachata Moderna and Salsa on 1. Their Salsa and Bachata footwork is known to be intricate and challenging while their partnerwork is smooth and suave. They`re known for their precise teaching technique; interactive and informative workshops; and musical and clean shows. They`re the first in India to give structured courses of Bachata and they`re also the All India Bachata Professional Champions of 2013.

They will be teaching a 4 hour session in Arnhem - The Netherlands at Salsa Fever - Dansen bij Versteegh (Theater de Leeuw).

To ensure the quality of this session limited amount of spots are available, be quick and book yours on time.

12:30 - 13:00 Registrations, please be on time or register online!
13:00 - 14:00 Salsa On1 footwork level Intermediate, starts on time!
14:10 - 15:10 Salsa partner work On1 level Intermediate.
15:10 - 15:40 break.
15:40 - 16:40 Dominican Bachata fundamentals open level (not for absolute Beginners).
16:50 - 17:50 Dominican Bachata Intermediate

Register online and pay by bank (please mention your name and the bootcamp) to avoid waiting in line to register and secure your spot on this session, FULL = FULL.
There`s also the possibility to pay cash at the door.

It is allowed to bring your own drinks and lunch, there is a possibility to buy food in the surrounding area but that will take time.

Since we all have different food habits it is easier if you bring your own food.

** COSTS **
The costs of this exclusive session is €40 per person for the 4 hours.
You can also follow the workshops separately for €12,50 per workshop.

You can reserve your spot at:
or send an email to:


Eindhoven - Arnhem: 80km
Enschede - Arnhem: 104km
Amsterdam - Arnhem: 125km


Salsa Fever - Dansen bij Versteegh  
telefoon 0622828982  
adres Leeuwensteinplein 1  
The Netherlands

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