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DJ Miss Maya

DJ Miss Maya was born in 1980 in Brcko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and she started Dj-ing in 2001. For 18 years she lived in the beautiful city of Hamburg, being one of the hottest Salsa DJanes in the city!

She first started with Old School hip hop and house music, when she discovered the magic of Salsa. She borrowed few salsa CDs from a friend and started visiting Salsa clubs more often to get to know this kind of music better and to build her own unique style.

For some years Maya has had some impressive performances in Germany and Europe. Whether Cuban, NY or LA style,
she mixes her music, creating a recognizable blend of sounds that won`t let you sit in a chair. Maya is also a professional salsa dancer, which makes her shows even more interesting. Although there are not so many female DJs,
Maja is not the only one, but is certainly the most requested.

Many wonder why she is so involved in music and what it represents to her!? Maya always answers with a smile saying

"Music is a part of my soul, it is something I have to share with the people. To play for my audience is part of my life."

The list of their performance is long:

Hamburg: Residen DJ bei Club Atisha
Unidanca Cuban Congress
Stage Club, Kaifu Lodge, Halo,
Galeria Latino 36, SAX, Cinnemax,
H18, Havanna Bar, Valentino, La Macumba
ZIRO & Sport Spass Party.

Hannover Opern Ball & MIG Club, Havanna Club Essen, Berlin Havanna Club Kassel Stadhalle Salsa Salsa Gala Twente NL - Mambo Cafe Project Amsterdam / Notthingham Bosnia: Resident Dj und organizer at the Sarajevo Salsa Congress

Resident DJ @ "Shut Up & Salsa" Sarajevo

Antilliansee Feesten Belgium
Rotterdam Salsabillity Club
Groningen Plaza Danza

Croatia: Salsa Festival Samobor
"Plesna Nova" New Year`s Eve Split Croatia
Hannover Mambo Club, Opern Ball & MIG Club, Havanna Club Essen,
Berlin Havanna Club.

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