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Griss Acosta (Grissmusic)

Ook wel: Griss

Singer, Songwriter and Composer of Latin Music

Griss is born in Buenos Aires Herrera - Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic on June 5, under the name Jorge G. Acosta.

Griss, inspired his artist name by the grey eyes of his daughter Adrianna.

When he was 10 years old he felt the passion for music and became inspired
by his great-grandfather, who is a legend known as “Guandulito”. Also his uncle Koqui Acosta, who is a Merengue artist, was an example for him.

At the age of 15 he started to sing in his first youth groups. Next to that he became also a choreographer and professional dancer.

A few years later he got the opportunity to work in the North-East of the Dominican Republic and expended his career as a singer and choreographer.
In 2001 he moved to the USA. There he started to sing in a group-band named “Banda Tuya”.

Griss is a perfectionist and for that reason he decided to follow an education at the conservatory of New York, to refine his voice and to learn to be a professional singer.
In the next years he build up his biggest dream with singing and composing his own music.

He recorded his first CD in 2012 and came out with his album named “LLORAR POR EL”, which contains the hits:
* Bailar Contigo
* Tu Vacilandome
* Llorar por El (Spanish/Hebrew)
* Vivir sin Ti
* and more

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Video's van Griss Acosta (Grissmusic)
Canciones Tristes en Español - `Se Fue el Amor` | Video Oficial de Griss Acosta

Griss Acosta - Amor sin Corazon (Bachata 2015)

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