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 Za 22 jun 2024: Rueda Exchange Festival 21-23 juni 2024 in Wageningen

Eventid 95965
datum Za 22 jun 2024
tijd 12:00 - 02:00
entree 65 euro  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Cubaans  
Event: Dansen, Feesten, concerten en andere voorstellingen, Cursus, proefles, bootcamp, workshop, open dag (zonder feest), Met show/entertainment, Feest met live muziek, Grootschalig evenementen met meerdere soorten activiteiten, Openlucht, Zowel binnen als buiten  
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LAfrique is proud to host the Rueda Exchange Festival 2024 starting on June 21 and ending on Sunday 23 2024!

This 3-day international festival is for Salsa Cubana dancers, Rueda enthusiasts and Rueda dance groups. The purpose of this event is to mingle with other Rueda dancers, learn new figures, exchange patterns, participate in workshops from known Rueda instructors and just have fun.

The festival starts on Friday afternoon with dinner, 2 rounds of workshops, and a 2 dance area pre Party with dj El Guapo, dj Virgil and show by Osbanis and Anneta.

On Saturday we continue with 4 rounds of workshops, socializing, dinner and end with a smashing party with DJ Rafi, animations and Rueda shows.

On Sunday we continue the fun with 3 rounds of workshops and end with a matinee with demos, dj Rafi, live music by Septeto Trio Los Dos and a BBQ!

Demos and shows

Join with your Rueda group and give a demo or show! On Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon you can take the spotlight and dazzle the audience with your cool moves! Contact us for more details.

Practical information

!! No sharp heels allowed !!
Akoesticum is very proud of its pristine wooden floors. Please leave your sharp heels at home. Heels with a surface above 3x3cm are fine.


Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 – D42
6711 JC Ede
5 minutes Walking from train station Ede - Wageningen
Free parking behind Akoesticum


During the festival there are 30 workshops to choose from! At every time slot there are workshops at four different levels: open level, beginner, intermediate and advanced. All workshops are given by enthusiastic Salsa Cubana / Rueda dancers

Ernesto Betancourt
Jochem `t Hoen & Adrienne d`Aulnis
Knut Leiss
Maria Puertas Formigo & Katie Catling
Michel Vigo
Niels van Aacken & Anna Jansen
Osbanis & Anneta
Pentcho Bodegom

More to be announced!

No time for workshops? Come to the parties and/or matinee!

Confirmed dj`s & artists
dj Rafi - Salsa Cubana
dj El Guapo - Salsa Cubana
dj Virgil - Salsa LA / Bachata
Septeto Trio Los Dos
- Salsa and Son live band

More to be announced!


18:00 Dinner
19:30 Workshops - 2 x 2 workshops
21:30 Party area 1 - Salsa Cubana with dj El Guapo & show by Osbanis and Anneta
21:30 Party area 2 - SBK (Salsa LA, Bachata, Kizomba) with dj Virgil
02:00 Hasta mañana

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Workshops 4 x 4 workshops
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Workshop
21:00 100% Salsa Cubana Party with dj Rafi, Rueda show and animations
02:00 Hasta mañana

11:00 Workshops 2 x 4 workshops
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Workshops 1 x 4 workshops
15:00 Salsa and Son Matinee with dj Rafi and Septeto Trio Los Dos
16:30 Rueda demos
18:30 BBQ
21:00 Te veo el próximo año / See you next year!


During the festival there are 6 showers available to freshen up. Bring a towel and a clean shirt and dance all day long!

Please note: There is no restaurant at Akoesticum and it is not allowed to eat your own food.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner vouchers can be bought till Monday June 17th.
Food vouchers can`t be bought at the festival.
Please let us know about any diet wishes, restrictions or allergies.

Breakfast is included in the sleepover price.

Lunch buffet
On Saturday and Sunday there is a Lunch Buffet. Buy your vouchers in our web shop.

On Saturday we serve a varied dinner buffet, with vegetarian and vegan options.
On Sunday we end the festival with a BBQ.
Buy your dinner vouchers in our web shop.

There are several rooms available at Akoesticum for you to sleep over. You can choose between a private bedroom (with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 beds) or a shared bedroom. All bedrooms come with a private toilet and en suite bathrooms. You will be provided with bed linen upon arrival to make your own bed. Towels and breakfast are included.


Ticket prices start at 35 euro (Friday Day pass)
Buy your tickets asap.

  • First 50 passes -> lowest prices (SOLD)
  • Second 50 passes +10%
  • Third 50 passes +10%
  • Last 50 passes +10%
  • From 14/6 till 21/6 door prices



LAfrique Dance Company  
telefoon +31611203336  


LAfrique Dance Company  
adres Kortestraat 2  
The Netherlands
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