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 Za 15 jun 2024: FIESTA DELUXE Summer Edition 3 areas in Hoofddorp

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Eventid 95935
datum Za 15 jun 2024
tijd 21:00 - 03:30
entree 15 euro  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Merengue  
Event: Dansen, Feest met workshop/bootcamp, Met show/entertainment, Feest met catering  
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SATURDAY | 3 AREAS 21:00 - 03:00/03:30

WORKSHOPS 21.15 - 22.00
Bachata by Los 3 Golpes
Salsa by Genesis Solorzano


LINE UP 3 AREAS : 22:00 - 03:00/03:30
Room 1 (BG) 100% Salsa
DJ Asmadi & Betho Rodriques
Room 2 (1e) 100% Bachata
DJ Bripa & Latin Angel
Room 3 (2e) 100% Kizomba
DJ Tony & t.b.a.


Genesis Solorzano

Regular online €15 ex fee
Door Cash €15
Door Pin €17


Are made by NedPress
The photos are shown on our Fiesta Deluxe Facebook page: Fiesta DeLuxe


The location carries random preventive bag controls


Surinamese Food


Make your own choice whether you want a guarded or unguarded wardrobe. Below is unguarded and guarded is upstairs.
€ 1,- per coat or bag. ONLY CASH!!
It is possible that the guarded wardrobe is full at a certain time!
If you want to be sure of a place in the guarded cloakroom, make sure you are there on time!

Information / Location Party:
• Drinks can be paid cash or by pin at the bar
• Dresscode: come as you are, but nice, sexy, classy clothing is appreciated
• The festival is meant for fun, social, friendly dancers, beginners and advanced: no (bad) attitude on the dancefloor!
• NOTE: Keep in mind that it can be fresh at the start


There is plenty of free parking around Fokker;
Preferably at the following parking facilities;
*The large parking lot of the nearby shopping center "Paradise" (3/4 minutes walk)
*The parking area 200 meters away just south of Event Center Fokker on the IJweg.
! Don`t park on the sidewalk
! Don`t park along the yellow curb
! Don`t park elsewhere but always in a parking space


Location / Address:
Event Center Fokker
IJweg 1094
2133 MH at Hoofddorp (Netherlands)


06 21 541 494 (BRIPA) (DEBBY)


Fiesta Deluxe  
telefoon +31621541494  


Fiesta Deluxe  
adres Ijweg 1094  
The Netherlands

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