Informatie Salsasation Dance Company Draken Woede -

Famous Dance School in Canada, with teacher Orville Small

Salsation is the teaching part of our company. Look for real though…. I`m not going to gas you up with a crazy story so that it comes across as a good promotional tool… its very simple… this company stands for people learning how to dance… no jokes. Learning the ability to lead, follow and everything else in between. We do not care to show you how much we know, we are there to show you how much you can achieve and if that happens to be as much as we know, then so be it… As well, the lessons are not monkey see monkey do…. Everything we teach you has an explanation, reason and time of execution. We have worked hard to conjure a clear and comfortable way for people to grasp different parts of this dance to the fullest.

One word of advice to new, old and people looki

ng to be instructors in this game.... Learn the art of it, treat your students like they are FAM and ALWAYS understand what you are teaching.... cause the questions will come.

Geeft les in o.a. Amsterdam, Den Haag, Den Helder, Haarlem en Rotterdam

telefoon +31651339571
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