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Leslie Lopez Salseros de Amsterdam @ Amsterdam


Leslie Lopez- Electric bass, Ampeg Baby bass, arranger, composer, teacher. Born In Puerto Rico (1958) and moved to New York at age 17. In New York he studied music at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. There he played with many local bands some are: Sonora Borinquen, Evolution 2000, and with several other salsa artists as a freelance bassist during 5 years.

He has lived in Holland since 1981, where he studied at the Hilversum`s Conservatory of music and later graduated at the Rotterdams Conservatory of music where the subject of his final paper was so original that got him a Cum Laude and enough material to write a book on that subject. Some of his students are now teachers at conservatories throughout Europe.

He has given salsa work-shops throughout Holland and Europe.

At the conservatories of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Hilversum, In Belgium, Finland, France, and private.

He has played/toured with most serious salsa/Latin-jazz groups in Europe some are: Conexion Lati­na, Nueva Mante­ca, Rumbata, Orlando Watusi, Alfredo Rodri­guez with Orlando Poleo, Roberto Pla, Jesus Alimany and Allan Hoist, Sonora Cara­cas, Ritmica `93, Cubop City Big Band, and The New Cool Collective.

Has played and shared the stage with artists such as Rosa King, Fleurine Verlo­pe, Nippy Noya, Nicky Marrero, Bobby Sanabria, Humprey Camp­bell, Denise Janna, Ben Herman, , John Marshall, Alfre­do "Cho­colate" Almenteros, Claudio Roditi, Rebeca Maule­on, Edy Martinez, Luis Conte, Gerardo Rosales, Larry Harlow, Monguito El Unico, Yolanda Rivera, Meñique, Teddy Mullet, Roy Hardgrove, Bobby Reverón, and others.

He has recorded with many groups in Europe and some are: BESS, Enos, 110, Conexion Latina, Ruben Salas, John Mars­hall, Akede, Rumbata, Cubop City Big Band, Nueva Manteca, New Cool Collective, Gerardo Rosales, A lot of free-lance work, and his own CD Bomba Moderna has placed his name in the European compo­ser/arranger map.

He is also very active freelan­cing as bassist, teacher, arran­ger, musical consultant, workshop leader, and producer. He also plays Afro caribbean percussion, and coaches vocalists. Everybody that plays salsa in Europe knows Leslie Lopez. Besides salsa music, Leslie has performed with Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Brasilian, Pop, Afri­can, Funk, Jazz dance, and Boog­aloo formati­ons.

He has played in important Jazz festivals throughout the world and some were at: Canada, (Montreal, Toronto) Colombia, (Feria de Cali) Trinid­ad, Curacao, St. Martin, United Sta­tes(Washing­ton D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco), In Europe he has per­formed in festivals and clubs throu­gout: Holland, (North Sea Jazz Festi­val) France, Belgium, En­gland,(Womad) Germany, Finland, Greece, Italy, Den­mark, Switzer­land, South Africa, Israel, and Austria.

He has presented his CD "Bomba Moderna" with original rhythms and compositions. And has played Festivals in Europe with his group. At this moment Leslie López is busy with new projects including his second CD.

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plaats Amsterdam
telefoon +31-654382753
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