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 Zo 16 jul 2023: Workshops Salsa Calena all levels & intermediate/advanced in Amsterdam

Eventid 91364
datum Zo 16 jul 2023
tijd 12:00 - 17:30
entree 15 euro  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, calena  
Event: Cursus, proefles, bootcamp, workshop, open dag (zonder feest)workshop  
dj's/artiesten Abdel Camilo  
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All levels: This class is intended to be an inclusive introductory salsa caleña class that will focus on musicality and interpretation, using only basic footwork and turn patterns.

Intermediate/advanced: In this class, students will learn how to correctly execute typical caleña footwork and connect these steps to turn patterns. The class will incorporate musicality, footwork execution.

Footwork: In this class, students will learn “must-know” steps to dance salsa in Cali.

Abdel Camilo is a native of Cali, Colombia and has danced salsa his whole life. He has close to 20 years of experience training, performing, competing and teaching. Over the course of his professional trajectory, Abdel has studied with SEMFOL, Salsa Cache, Rucafe, Swing Latino, and Havana Sí (Lithuania). He has performed with RuCafe at the Delirio salsa circus, with Swing Latino at El Mulato Cabaret, and in the Salsodromo parade that takes place annually on Christmas Day in Cali. He competed at the World Salsa Championships in Cali in 2009 and 2011, and performed in 2021. Abdel has taught salsa caleña in Lithuania and around Cali. In addition to dancing salsa caleña, Abdel is an afficionado of salsa music, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the roots and history of Latin music. Abdel also dances folklore, salsa en línea, and bachata.

Abdel offers beginner, beginner-intermediate, intermediate, and intermediate-advanced salsa caleña workshops. In his workshops, he will teach footwork, body movement and musicality. He will also teach students to differentiate the different rhythms that fall under the umbrella of salsa caleña, such as Pachanga, Boogaloo, Salsa Choke, etc. Abdel can teach shines and partner work, depending on the dynamic of the workshop. He is open to teaching privates, performance demos, and collaborations with other artists.


Mardewa Productions  
telefoon +31-621104504  
locatie likeminds  
adres Gedempt Hamerkanaal 203  
1021 KP Amsterdam  
The Netherlands
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