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 Za 21 jan 2023: The last DJ Maximelody party in the Dreef in Utrecht

Eventid 88870
datum Za 21 jan 2023
tijd 22:00 - 04:00
entree 12,50 euro  
Muziek/dans: Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Urban, Kizomba/urban/ douceur/ semba en tarraxo  
Event: Oefen ochtend/middag/avond, Dansen  
dj's/artiesten DJ Maximelody  
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Relive the good old times! Join the last DJ Maximelody party in the Dreef!

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 Dear friends, Kizomba, Semba friends, (all the people I`ve known from salsa, bachata, zouk, African music " from years ago")

 My adventure as a dj started in 2002 at skisport in Utrecht lombok, and the Catacombe Oudegracht Utrecht with african party`s.

 At that time, it was once a month with Djalis and Ousmane the current manager of Café Dreef Utrecht, and afterwards with a certain Fred, where African party`s were organized every Saturday.

 There we saw African music lovers all the way from France, Belgium, and of course from the Netherland coming to these party`s in Utrecht

 In the meantime, I converted into a zouk dj where I mixed for Casaloca by Michael Madehouse, Ziko, and many other organizers in the Netherland.

 Then I entered the world of salsa bachata by making my debut at Ousmane from Café tropical.

 And it was afterwards that I fully committed myself to a kizomba semba, Urban kiz dj, and that helped me to know many countries in Europe, to mix in Canada, and to travel to Africa for organizing the Senegal/Dakar Kizomba Festival twice.

 And when I started as an organizer in 2003, I remember at that time having tried to organize a party: 50% Kizomba, 50% bachata, and I ended up the first edition with 7 people, because kizomba was not very well known in the Netherlands.

An adventure full of good, but also not so good memories.
Now the time has come to stop as a dj after 20 years.

Now is time to spend more time with my family, and enjoy more the beautiful things life has given to me: my family, my friends, knowledge.......

I want to thank everyone, the DJ colleagues, the teachers, the organizers who trusted me, the singers, and all the beautiful people I met in the Kizomba Semba, Salsa.......


On January 21, I invite you to have a drink and party with me.
Then it`s my last official party as a dj.


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Sunset Latin Grooves  
telefoon 06 38332490  


Sunset Latin Grooves  
adres Schooneggendreef 27  
The Netherlands
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