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Zo 29 apr 2018: START ⒷⓏⒶ Zouk Courses (all levels) Gert & Eva, Free try-out! in Amsterdam

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Come and learn Brazilian Zouk at BZA!

Every Sunday we will teach four levels (see description below), with 15 min free practice between classes:
16:00-17:00 Improvers
18:00-19:00 Intermediate
19:15-20:15 Pre-Advanced
20:30-21:30 Advanced

Beginners are required to do our Accelerated Beginner Bootcamp the week before the start of the course, on Sunday April 22th. In this 3-hour Bootcamp, we will teach you all the Zouk basics. After the bootcamp you are ready to join our Improvers course. Check out the event here and invite your friends:

Every Sunday from April 29nd till June 24th
(Class dates and times may be subject to change)

PRICE 10-week course?
EARLY BIRDS, before Monday April 23rd
- €80 with partner (€160 together)
- €90 without partner:
AT THE DOOR, €10 more
- €90 with partner (€180 together)
- €100 without partner

Please transfer the money (before the deadline) to the following account:
ING bank, NL20 INGB 0686 5593 55, GS Faber
Mention the following
1. Your name
2. Your role ("Leader" or "Follower")
3. Which course you are paying for ("improvers", "intermediate", "pre-advanced" or "advanced").
4. The name of your partner if you subscribe with a partner

Once you have paid the course fee you are subscribed to the course. If you would like to get a confirmation, you can email us ( If you are not sure and you first want to try a class with us you are always welcome for a free try-out at the beginning of the course. If you need advice or have questions, please contact us!

If you have never taken a class with us before, the first class can be used as a FREE try-out class!

-- Accelerated Beginner Bootcamp:
In this 3-hour Bootcamp, we will teach you all the Zouk basics. After this Bootcamp you are ready for the dance floor and for the BZA Improvers Zouk course!

-- Improvers course:
This course is designed for people who already have some experience with Brazilian Zouk dancing. In this course, we will start working on leading/following of head/upper body movements which make the Zouk dance such a unique partner dance!

-- Intermediate 1+2 course:
In this 20-week course (two 10-week courses in series) we will go into more complicated Zouk patterns. We will start with more complicated head/upper body movements and we start adding some musicality (breaking the standard boom-chick-chick rhythm).

-- Pre-Advanced 1+2 course:
This 20-week course (two 10-week courses in series) is for already more experienced dancers who know how to lead/follow most standard head/upper body movements. In this course we will start challenging the students with more contemporary patterns (like the international zouk artists :)), starting to lead/follow using other parts of the body rather than using only the hands (contact improvisation techniques).

-- Advanced class
This is a class for Zoukers that have mastered all the pre-advanced Zouk patterns. In this class, we want to give more personal attention. Every class will work on perfecting already familiar moves and add variations and styling. Furthermore, we will work on better connection and musicality. Additionally, we will also be teaching new experimental moves selected either by us or by the students.

For more information check out our website:

Let`s share the joy of Brazilian Zouk!

Gert Faber & Eva Stolk

Made possible by BZA team (like us :))


Brazilian Zouk Amsterdam (BZA) Dance School  
telefoon +31645286920  
locatie Brazilian Zouk Amsterdam (BZA) Dance School  
adres Borgerstraat 112  
1053 PX Amsterdam  
tijd 16:00 - 21:30  
entree 90 euro  
Event: Zouk  
Event: Dansen, Cursus, proefles, bootcamp, workshop, open dag (zonder feest)  
Event op Facebook  

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