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Za 25 mei 2019: Salsa aan de Haven - 6 Year Anniversary! in Rotterdam


βˆ™ Dj Ryad 🎧
βˆ™ Dj Tuli Mar (UK) 🎧
βˆ™ Dj Lalo `el bandido` 🎧


βˆ™ Dj Ellen 🎧
βˆ™ Dj May (FR) 🎧
βˆ™ Dj Dani Fernandes 🎧
βˆ™ Dj Shark (ES) 🎧


βˆ™ Dj Denis (IRE) 🎧
βˆ™ Dj Jarzino 🎧
βˆ™ Dj Domincan Jose (FR) 🎧


βˆ™ Bachata by Francisco & Marisa
βˆ™ Salsa by Quincy & Zunaira


βˆ™ Poetic Motion
βˆ™ Quincy & Zunaira
βˆ™ More to come..


βˆ™ Kizz Experience (BE)
βˆ™ More to come..

- Doors open 21:30
- Workshops start at 22:00
- Party in salsa and bachata room from 23:00 till 04:00
- Party in kizomba room from 23:30 till 04:30

βˆ™ Catering by Arnold`s Kitchen πŸ—πŸ₯™

βˆ™ Dance fashion by Latinflair πŸ‘‘πŸ’ƒ

βˆ™ Photography by Alexis Antony (GWEPA) πŸ“ΈπŸ“Ή

De Doelen
Schouwburgplein 50
3012 CL Rotterdam

Presale € 12,50 / € 16,- at the door (inclusief garderobe). Payment is possible by cash or PIN at both the entrance and the bars. Guarded wardrobe and toilets are free.

Parking is possible in garages Schouwburgplein 1 & 2 at one minute walk from de Doelen, fee between 22:00 en 06:00 is
€ 1,- per hour.

De Doelen is situated at five minutes walking distance from Rotterdam Centraal train station.

For info about travel, hotels, parking or anything else please contact us through the Salsa aan de Haven or Salsa aan de Haven Rotterdam Facebook page. We are happy to help you with any questions you might have!


Salsa aan de Haven  
telefoon +3110 2171717  
locatie Concertgebouw De Doelen  
adres Schouwburgpl. 50  
3012 CL Rotterdam  
The Netherlands  
entree 16 euro  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tarraxinha  
Event: Dansen, Feest met workshop/bootcamp, Met show/entertainment  
dj's/artiesten Dj Lalo, Dj Tuli Mar, Dj Ryad, Dj Dani, Dj Ellen, Dj Shark, Dj May, Dj Dominican Jose, Dj Jarzino, Dj Denis, Quincy&Zunaira, Francisco&Marisa, Poetic Motion  
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Salsa aan de Haven - 6 Year Anniversary! op de kaart

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