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Za 30 sep 2017: Ricky Luis former N`klabe Group, Latin Grammy winner in Concert in Utrecht

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Ricky Luis is considered by connoisseurs of the Tropical music industry to be, “The Future of Salsa.”
Singer, composer, arranger, producer and musician. Creator of an innovative style that uniquely fuses Salsa with popular urban genres.

Born in Chicago Illinois, into a family of Puerto Rican descent, Ricky Luis developed under a wide array of musical styles. Music from his Latin roots combined with popular music of his generation – R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Opera – were the main muscal influences throughout his childhood. His life is music!
He was introduced formally to music via the children’s choir of his local church, which he joined at the young age of 4. By the time he reached 15 he was already leading and directing a handselected group of peers joined together to become “Ricky Luis y su Orquesta.”
Ricky Luis has always made it an objective to transcend. Upon living in New York City, he was offered the opportunity to become a lead vocalist for a young up-andcoming group from *Puerto Rico: N’klabe*. During the five years of his participation in the group, he recorded four complete studio albums which led to several award show nominations, performances and appearances such as; LATIN GRAMMY, PREMIOS BILLBOARD y PREMIOS LO NUESTRO. The success of the group achieved international recognition, taking him to some of the most important venues alongside the biggest artists in Latin Music.

His fervent desire to share with his beloved followers a production that would represent his true essence, led Ricky Luis to continue his career as a solo artist. Tapping into all of his musical ingenuity, Ricky Luis unleashed to the world his first musical production, “Out the Box. Thanks to the tremendous accolade from his fans, Ricky Luis’ talent has been recognized all over Latin America. Countries like Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Salvador, Panama, Ecuador and Bolivia among others, have been home to many media tours, successful presentations and a sustainable career on the rise. Out the Box is revered as one of the most avant-guard salsa projects of its time and seems to have begun filling the void for young salsa fans of a new generation that long a fresh and current sound.

The overwhelmingly positive response to OUT THE BOX motivated Ricky Luis to work on a second production, #OTB2. This new album is currently paving the way to breaking non-Spanish speaking markets such as Italy, Belgium, France, Japan, Holland and Israel, who have been tuning into and demanding more of the innovative sound of Ricky Luis. His unique style and multi-dimensioned salsa style has positively infected a new wave of young aspiring artists, which inspired Ricky Luis to create his own Music Production Company “Wave Factory,” a growing movement that steadily flourishes with each passing day. The dream is that the Salsa genre should never die and that it will continue to thrive from generation to generation.


♪ 21:30 - 03:00 uur: Feest met DJ Leslie G.
♪ 21:30 - 22:00 uur: Workshop / Animation
♪ 23:00 - 00:30 uur: CONCERT RICKY LUIS



Koop z.s.m. je ticket op onze website:


Amsterdamsestraatweg 751
3555 HH Utrecht

Je kunt tevens een hapje eten in het restaurant.


In de gehele buurt is het gratis parkeren en tevens heeft restaurant Nikos eigen parkeerplateau, die bereikbaar is achterom het gebouw (ingang via C. van Maasdijkstraat).


Vanaf Centraal Station zijn er meerdere buslijnen tot middernacht die in de buurt stoppen, o.a. buslijn 120 (ri Loenen ad Vecht) bushalte: Jacob van Campenstraat. Raadpleeg voor meer informatie en alle andere mogelijke lijnen.


✆ 06-47235882


Dancesonea Productions  
telefoon +31647235882  
locatie Nikos Party Centrum  
adres Amsterdamsestraatweg 751  
3555 HH Utrecht  
tijd 21:00 - 03:00  
entree 25 euro  
Event: Salsa  
Event: Optreden/concert  
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