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 Vr 16 sep 2022: Plug&Play salsa social in Weesp

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Eventid 87485
datum Vr 16 sep 2022
tijd 21:00 - 01:00
entree 10/15  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Bachata  
Event: Salsa social (dansavond)  
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Is it possible to feel Excited, Scared, Happy, Nervous and Ecstatic at the same time? Cuz that`s where we are at! ?????‍??

On Friday the 16th of September we will host the VERY FIRST Plug&Play Salsa Social at our NEW Place in Weesp!!!

And since the space isn`t fully finished yet this will be the "Under Construction" edition. So make sure you`re there, because it`s going to be Special ?

Limited Space means Limited Tickets

? Early bird: €10 (Limited Tickets until aug 31st 00:00)
? Late bird: €15 (Limited Tickets until sept 16th 16:16)

Ticket link:


As most of you know the concept of P&P is that YOU are the DJ ?
Our intention with P&P is to to create an accessible community feeling where dancers play music for other dancers ??

??30 min playlist
??download it
??phone on flight mode
??choose danceable songs
??register at the door
??only 7 DJ spots
??come early to register (usually the list is full before 21:45)

??21:00 till 1:00
??Limited Tickets
??Online Ticket Sale! (NO Door sale)
??Bar (Pin Only, NO Cash)
??Free parking

Questions? Send us a message!


Vivendi Dance Collective  
telefoon 0629583975  


Vivendi Dance Collective  
adres Hogeweyselaan 209c  
The Netherlands

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