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Vr 10 nov 2017: Noche de Fiesta - Celebrating Lalo`s 12th DJ Anniversary in Arnhem

Let op: dit event vond plaats in het verleden

In 2017 I will have been active for 12 years as a DJ in Dutch Latin scene and I cannot let this pass without having a proper celebration!
I decided to organize an event and you are all invited to party with me.
For this occasion, and because I wanted to celebrate it in style, I have found the perfect venue in Arnhem, my hometown. This event will take place in the new part of Musis Arnhem. Yes, we are going to turn the foyers into party areas and dance, socialize and have fun all night long.
We will start the night with workshops, more info will follow soon!
We are going to party in 2 areas.

Salsa Area:
DJ Betho Rodriguez and DJ Lalo "El Bandido"
With these 2 you are going to treated to the very best of Salsa, Chachacha and Guaguanco, satisfying everyone from the beginners to the high level dancers we have here in NL

Bachata/Kizomba Area:
DJ Curtley Jeandor (Jeandor) & DJ Nokki (Mario Gabriel)
These 2 Great DJs from Arnhem will play Bachata & Kizomba, balancing both styles to have a pleasant night and will do their best to satisfy the hungry dancers.

We are going to have performances by:
Show 1 – Awaiting confirmation
Show 2 – Awaiting confirmation
Show 3 – Awaiting Confirmation

Photography by: Alexis Anthony He will make sure he gets those nice moments!

You can park your car infront of the venue at an indoor parking garage just across the street from the party, how good is that huh?

Venue, Musis Arnhem.

Party time:
21:00 – 3:00

Join the event and stay up to date with all the latest developments and news!




Dj-Lalo El-Bandido  
De concertzaal Musis Sacrum - Schouwburg Arnhem  
telefoon 0651836106  
locatie De concertzaal Musis Sacrum - Schouwburg Arnhem  
adres Velperbuitensingel 25  
6828 CV Arnhem  
tijd 21:00 - 03:00  
entree 12,50 euro  
Event: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba  
Event: Dansen  
dj's/artiesten meer info volgt!  

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