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Vr  1 nov 2019: Magia Latina Festival: Salsa & Bachata in Nijmegen

Let op: dit event vond plaats in het verleden

datum Vr  1 nov 2019
tijd 20:30 - 05:00
entree Zie website  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cubaans, Cha cha cha  
Event: Dansen, Met show/entertainment, Grootschalig evenementen met meerdere soorten activiteiten  

A new Latin festival in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In one of the most beautiful venues in the country!

Magia Latina is already an established party which uses smaller rooms in this venue, but look just as beautiful. And now we wanna go BIGGER and BETTER!
We will do this by also using the biggest and most beautiful area: the Concert Hall.

Our concept is very simple: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.
We want to give you only the best teachers, performers and DJs. So no show programme of 20+ shows, no needless filler material, no exaggerated amount of areas (no Kizomba, no Zouk, no West Coast Swing).
And with this being the FIRST edition, we already have an impressive line up!

Also, Nijmegen is arguably the oldest city in The Netherlands going way back to the Roman Empire! But it`s also a city which keeps up with modern times, making it an outstanding place to spend a weekend.

WEBSITE for more info:

- Terry&Cécile (FR)
- Eddie Torres Jr. (USA)
- Rodrigo Cortazar y Bersy Cortez (MEX/VE)
- Euphoria Dance Company (IT)
- Alegria Dance Company (FR)
- Mitchell Provence (DE)
- Salsaddiction (NL)
- Bachata Passion Dance Company (NL)
- Junior & Carolina (SWE)
- Andre & Julia (Watapana Dance Company) (NL)

- DJ Willy - NL (SUR/NL)
- Dj Lalo "El Bandido" - NL (PER/NL)
- DJ Yuchi (NL)
- DJ Betho Rodriguez (NIC/NL)
- DJ Maxx (DE)
- DJ Nokki (CW/NL)

And more to come...

============== PROGRAMME ==============

20:30h: Registration
22:00h: Party All Night Long. NO SHOWS (at least for now 😉)
05:00h: End party

10:00h: Registration
11:00h: Workshops
17:30h: End workshops
21:30h Party
22:30h: SHOWS
05:00h: End party

10:00h: Registration
11:00h: Workshops
17:30h: End workshops
21:30h: Party
22:30h: SHOWS
04:00h: End party

A bailar y a gozar!!!


Magia Latina  
locatie Concertgebouw De Vereeniging  
adres Keizer Karelpl. 2d  
The Netherlands

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