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Vr  4 jan 2019: Lustrum party: 10 years DA Dance Studio in Rotterdam

Let op: dit event vond plaats in het verleden

10 years have gone by in perpetual movement, come and join and move and dance.

DA Dance Studio was founded 10 year ago by Willem Engel , at that time it was registered as DancAlegria (hence DA) Since then a lot has developed. Moving from Leiden to Rotterdam. The own studio in Overschie. The focus on rotterdam and the subsequent relinquishing of the other locations in The Hague, Amsterdam and Leiden (most of which are still in use by members of the DA team!) . With the cooperation with Bess Kuil the school broaded its attention to solo dance and partner dance. The creation of professional show-teams. The teacher courses, embodying weekends. The acquiring of a second location in the form of the local theatre, in de Lugt. The production of theatre pieces. During these 10 years many international artist have graces the studio with their presence, but even more important is the development of the local artist and teachers some of whom who have become international artist in their own right. And last but not least the students who are the body of it all, some just joining for a month some being at the start of their dance life and others returning after a pause or still going strong after 10 years! This brief history will be displayed throughout the evening, with sound and movement, words wouldn`t do it just. Just come and watch, and move and enjoy this special night.

time: 20.00-2.00
date: 4 january
price: 10 euro
dresscode: cirque du soleil
food and drinks: YES, champagne is on the house!
mood: ready to party
workshops: throughout the night various workshop
shows: you bet! lots to see, be surprised


DA Dance Studio  
telefoon 0629587759  
locatie DA Dance Studio  
adres Chalonsstraat 6  
3043 TD Rotterdam  
tijd 20:00 - 02:00  
entree 10 euro  
Event: Bachata, Zouk, Braziliaans, Afrikaanse muziek  
Event: Dansen, Met gratis workshop(s), Feest met gratis hapjes, Feest met live muziek, Cursus, proefles, bootcamp, workshop, open dag (zonder feest)  

Caribean and Latin food and drinks around

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