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 Za 17 jun 2023: ¡Fiesta Cubana! - Party 17th of June with DJ El Ratón Rabios in Leuven

Eventid 91591
datum Za 17 jun 2023
tijd 19:30 - 02:30
entree 10 euro  
Muziek/dans: Salsa, Cubaans  
Event: Feest met workshop/bootcamp  
dj's/artiesten DJ El Ratón Rabioso  
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100% Cuban salsa atmosphere with DJ El Ratón Rabioso 
Organized by *Cuban Salsa Leuven* 
You can buy tickets:
 online at (full pass in combination with afternoon bootcamp - Cuban Salsa & Musicality with Camina Dance School)
 at the entrance of the party (€10)

Every third Saturday of the month we offer you a great party in the center of Leuven with 100% Cuban Salsa!  We guarantee the music and the atmosphere, you bring your best dance moves and your most beautiful smile to make it an evening to remember! In the afternoon you have the possibility to improve your skills by joining the Fiesta Cubana Bootcamp!


 ¡FIESTA CUBANA! - Bootcamp Cuban Salsa & Musicality 
 13h30 Cuban salsa partnerwork
 14h45 Musicality Choreo
 16h00 Music theory: Cuban salsa and salsa music in general
 17h00 End of bootcamp
Teachers: Nico and Oona (Camina Dance School)
Event link:


19h30 Doors open
20h00 Evening workshop salsa (open level)
21h00 Party with DJ El Ratón Rabioso!
03h00 End of party


Place2B, Brusselsestraat 15 in Leuven


You can park the car in the streets around (Dirk Boutslaan, Brusselsestraat, Redingenstraat…), or on parkings (Vismarkt, Sint-Jacobsplein, or parking J.P. Minckelersstraat 94).
The train station of Leuven is 10 minutes walking from the event.
The train station of Leuven is 10 minutes walking from the event. Some busses also stop at the Rector de Somerplein or the Margarethaplein.
You can park your bike close to the event.




Cuban Salsa Leuven  
telefoon +32-490116109  
locatie Place2B  
adres Brusselsestraat 15  
3000 Leuven  
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