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Zo 19 mei 2019: Bootcamp Zouk / Lambada in Rotterdam

Let op: dit event vond plaats in het verleden

datum Zo 19 mei 2019
tijd 13:00 - 16:00
entree 40 euro  
Muziek/dans: Zouk, Braziliaans  
Event: Cursus, proefles, bootcamp, workshop, open dag (zonder feest)  

Meet Gilson and Silvina from Brasil and Argentina! Gilson is one of the teachers that brought Porto Seguro style outside of Brasil. He will be teaching together with Silvina; one of the best dancers from Argentina.

They will be teaching two bootcamps on saturday and sunday. You can attend one of both. 
Presale only (to make sure there are an even nbr of leaders and followers
one bootcamp is 40 euros, two bootcamps is 70 euros. 
Buy your ticket here:     A basic level of zouk experience is needed to access these open level bootcamps. 

Some topics that will be covered in the bootcamps   1- How to transition easy from one move to another.   2-Variations with one or double turns.   3-Connecting all the styles (Porto,Rio,Sao paulo) all levels   4-Understanding Time to improve Musicality all levels)   5-Favourites advanced movements(advanced)   More info:    GILSON DAMASCO    Born in São Paulo, Brazil, South America. Gilson started dancing Lambada-style 22 years ago when the dance was at its height. Since the moment he fell in love with this dance, he spent years of love and dedication on LambaZouk – style (which has its origin in Lambada-style). In 1991 he brought LambaZouk to Argentina, and transformed it into one of the most attractive dances, desired by Argentinians. There, he participated in TV – programmes and performed as a dancer with famous artists. In 1992 he started, with his formal dance partner Fabiola Prestes, a successful brazilian nightclub called “Porto Seguro”, where they started to teach various Brazilian dance styles such as LambaZouk, Forro, Samba de Gafieira, and Axe.  They also gave shows and performances at different kinds of events. In 1997, he began to organize Brazilian LambaZouk parties in the most famous club in Buenos Aires, “Maluco Beleza”, which continued for eight years. In 2004 he was invited to Europe for the first LambaZouk Dance Congress in Barcelona organised by Daniel and Leticia. There he met a lot of dance teachers from Europe, including Claudia de Vries. In 2006 Claudia invited him for her second BrasaZouk Congress. This was his first time in Holland. From that moment Gilson started his project to travel around the world to expand LambaZouk. From 5th May 2014 until 18th January 2015, Gilson danced with Brazouka Dance Company ( and he performed in different countries such as: Scotland, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. He also gave workshops and demonstrations in other countries such as: England, Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Argentina, Chile, Suriname, Spain, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Finland, Poland, Scotland, Turkey, Japan, Greece, Italy, and Israel. As part of his project to expand LambaZouk to Europe, Gilson is giving lessons in the Netherlands. Gilson Damasco also organize the in Amsterdam,Netherland  and in Salou, Spain. Gilson is well known for by his clear explanation of techniques and of the best way to lead a partner. He is surely one of the best BrazilianZouk/Lambada teacher in the world!  


DA Dance Studio  
DA Dance Studio  
telefoon 0629587759  
locatie DA Dance Studio  
adres Chalonsstraat 6-b  
3043 TD Rotterdam  
The Netherlands

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