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 Zo 17 mrt 2024: BINDAAS - Bachata Sensual - The First Social Dancing Festival in Amsterdam in Amsterdam

, BINDAAS BACHATA Amsterdam - Bachata Sensual FESTIVAL

Eventid 92085
datum Zo 17 mrt 2024
tijd 18:00 - 04:00
entree 25 euro  
Muziek/dans: Bachata  
Event: Dansen, Grootschalig evenementen met meerdere soorten activiteiten, Feest met catering  
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BINDAAS– The First Bachata Sensual Social Dancing Festival in Amsterdam

Date: March 15-17, 2024

Welcome to the grand celebration of BACHAAS - First year anniversary Join us for a thrilling and gratitude-filled tribute to the art of Bachata social dancing, where passion, connection, and music come together for an unforgettable experience


Social dancing festivities:

9 International Bachata DJs: Groove to the rhythms of the world, as our talented international DJs create an atmosphere that will keep you on your feet all day & night long.

30 Hours of Social Dancing: Get ready for a bachata social dancing party for 30 hours, making memories and forging connections with fellow dancers from around the globe.

No Shows, No Workshops: Only Social Dancing: This festival is dedicated solely to the joy of social dancing, allowing you to connect, express, and let loose on the dance floor.

More than 30 International Artists & Special Guests; from all around Europe: Immerse yourself in the diverse styles and techniques brought by our esteemed guest dancers and teachers from around the world.

Social Dancing Contest: A unique and new concept of social dancing contest based on social dancing skills and etiquettes, All levels of bachata dancers are welcome to join (except teachers and professionals)

Live Concert - Marco Puma - Live Bachata concert - First time in Amsterdam…


Top International DJs:












Friday: 18:00 - 23:00 (Evening Socials)

23:00 - 04:00 (Bachata Party Night)



Saturday: 14:00 - 18:00 (Day Socials)

18:00 - 21:00

Break 21:00 - 23:00 (Social Dancing Contest + Socials)

23:00 - 04:00 (Live Concert + Bachata GALA Party)


Sunday: 14:00 - 18:00 (Day Socials) 18:00 - 19:00 (Break)

19:00 - 00:00 (Socials)


International Artists & Special Guests:

Anni Schmidt (Germany) Suzan (NL) Sam (Germany) Michelle Bloem (NL) David Diaz (Sweden) Berkay Cihan (Germany) Vesko & Sofia (UK) Vicky (Germany) Marco Machado (Germany) Bob (NL) Barbara (NL) Emilia Kumlin (Sweden) Clement (France) Polina (NL) Carvalho Kevin (LUX) Julie Maury (LUX) Colin von Ciriacy-Wantrup (Germany) Sabrina Schmidt (Germany) Giuseppe (Belgium) Ashish Meshram (Denmark) Lukas Hamm (Germany) Vika (Germany) Ana Kali (Belgium) Ece (Germany) Bartosz Mielczarek (NL) Werner Krumpholz (Germany) Gwendoline Aerts (Belgium) Selen Rusen (Germany) Magda (Belgium) Ibrahim Amarhous (France) Roger Amélie (France) Nabiha Kheirallah (France) Paulina (UK) Lucia (Germany) Saumya Singh (Germany) Linda (Germany) Ola (NL) Laurita Kopinski (Bali)


Introduction to the Bachata Social Dancing Contest!

Registration Information:  Registration Fee: €10 per person

• All Levels of Bachata Dancers Welcome (except teachers & professionals)

Registration Form. Calling all Bachata enthusiasts! Get ready for a ground-breaking event that celebrates the heart of Bachata social dancing like never before.

Open to All Levels of Bachata Dancers! A fair competition where beginners, improvers, intermediates, and advanced dancers can all shine on the dance floor.

Teachers & Professionals, Take a Seat! For the integrity of this contest, this contest is exclusively for non-teachers and non-professionals. Let`s keep the spirit alive. A Unique Contest with a Special Focus!

Our judges will evaluate social dancing based on your social dancing skills and dancing etiquettes. It`s about creating connections and dance comfort and the level of your bachata dancing is not the most important aspect.

So don`t be afraid to sign up based on the level. Everyone is welcome to Join the contest, learn and spread about the importance of social dancing skills & etiquettes. Party On While the Contest Unfolds!

As the SOCIAL DANCING CONTEST heats up, the Bachata social dancing party continues uninterrupted. It`s pure celebration! Win Exciting Prizes Worth up to €300 and more! Contest winners will enjoy fabulous prizes, showcasing the significance of social dancing in the Bachata community.

Affordable €10 Registration Fee! Joining this event is accessible to all. Every social dancer has something unique to offer, and we`re excited to see your magic. Register Now and Let Your Dance Speak! Upon registration, you`ll receive all contest details, a chance to express your social dancing passion. Celebrating Bachata Social Dancing Beauty! This contest honours the vibrant Bachata social dancing community and the connections forged on the dance floor. Don`t miss this extraordinary experience! Let`s dance, connect, and share the joy of Bachata social dancing at BINDAAS SOCIAL DANCING CONTEST!


Professional sound and lightssystems

Indian food stand (Brunch and snacks)

Latin Dancing shoes stand

Indian Clothing Stand

More surprises



Tiago Filmaker (GENEVA)


Samantha Photography (NL)





  1. IBIS Amsterdam West (1min walk from the venue)
  2. MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West
  3. Amsterdam Teleport Hotel
  4. If you are buy car, many hotels around the venue within 10-15min drive with a great price if you book early with

For questions you can contact below Instagram - BINDAAS_BACHATA Email - Facebook - BINDAAS BACHATA

BINDAAS is an Indian slang that embodies carefree, relaxed, freeing, and full of life vibes. Rooted on the context, we use the slang BINDAAS to BACHATA SOCIAL dancing community and we work on it continuously better.


Bindaas Bachata  
telefoon +31-633343173  


Bindaas Bachata  
adres Isolatorweg 28  
The Netherlands
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